Jarvis Landry: No contract talks once season starts

11 Jul

Jarvis Landry hopes to land a new deal with the Miami Dolphins soon, but the two-time Pro Bowler told the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Monday he doesn’t want to be engaged in contract negotiations once the season starts.

“I want to focus,” Landry said Monday at the unveiling of his signature backpack. “I believe that Miami is where I want to be. Miami is the place I call home. I want to be able to give my all mentally, physically and emotionally this season.

“Once the season starts I just want to put all that behind me and win the Super Bowl.”

The Miami wideout’s base salary is less than $900,000 in the final year of his rookie deal, making him one of the most underpaid players in football. Landry has more catches over his first three seasons (288) than any other receiver in NFL history.

His agent, Damarius Bilbo, was the first to make light of the extension deadline in June. A few weeks later, Landry is still on the same page, mostly because he doesn’t want to face any distractions once the regular season kicks off.

Landry added it wouldn’t bother him to potentially play on the franchise tag in 2018. While it would be a huge monetary boost compared to this season’s salary, Landry would need to have an additional season of consistent production and good health — he hasn’t missed a game in his NFL career — before reaching a long-term agreement.

The 24-year-old target isn’t the only dynamic wideout to potentially test the market after the 2017 campaign. Former first-round picks DeAndre Hopkins and Sammy Watkins are both in the final seasons of their rookie contracts as well. Yet, instead of fretting playing this upcoming season with an uncertain future, Landry is embracing it.

“I am comfortable in my situation. For me, I love the game so much, and this is absurd to say this, but you shouldn’t be paid to do what you love. I love the game that much,” Landry said. “But obviously I have people to take care of. I have a mom and a family. But at the same time, I love the game so much [the money] doesn’t even matter to me right now.”

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